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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

» Dems Edge GOP in Generic Congressional Ballot
16/04/14 12:39 from Pensito Review
48% to 42% Margin by which Democrats have staked out a lead over Republicans in the generic Congressional ballot, a new McClatchy-Marist poll finds. However, just 45% approve of President Obama's job performance, while 52% disapprove.

» Christie Favors Abolishing Campaign-Donation Limits
16/04/14 12:34 from Pensito Review
The idea you're going to take money out of politics is just not going to happen. None of these laws change that. So let's just have transparency to it. — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), voicing support "for an end to campaign-finance...

» Richard Land 'Exposes' The 'Dirty Little Secret' Of The Gay Community
16/04/14 12:30 from Right Wing Watch
While filling in for Washington Watch host Tony Perkins on Tuesday, Southern Baptist Convention official Richard Land and guest Donna Rice Hughes of the anti-pornography group Enough Is Enough agreed that sexual abuse causes homosexualit...

» Anniversary Week Fundraising Fun House Day 3!
16/04/14 12:20 from Eschaton
Actual blog anniversary is tomorrow! Exciting!!! Thanks to all who have contributed!

» A Double Standard for Democratic Party Endorsements – Sex, Power and Politics in San Diego
16/04/14 12:17 from OB Rag Blog
Editors Note: Former Assemblywoman Lori Saldaña has an up close and personal story to tell about her dealings with former Mayor Bob Filner and the Democratic party establishment. This is part three of a five part series running this week...

» BarbWire Accuses Obama Of 'Blasphemy' For 'Desecrating' Easter By Letting Gay Bishop Speak At Prayer Service
16/04/14 12:15 from Right Wing Watch
BarbWire senior editor Jeff Allen was left seething at the news that President Obama invited gay Episcopal bishop Gene Robinson to speak at his Easter prayer service , writing yesterday in a column entitled “ Blasphemy: Obama Picks...

» Erik Rush Blames Obama For Anti-Semitic Kansas City Shooting
16/04/14 11:40 from Right Wing Watch
Conservative pundit Erik Rush is linking President Obama to the shooting rampage of a former Ku Klux Klan grand dragon directed at two Jewish organizations outside of Kansas City that left three people dead. On his radio show Tuesday, Ru...

» As Earth Day Approaches, Anti-Immigrant Group Tries To Woo Environmentalists
16/04/14 11:31 from Right Wing Watch
The anti-immigrant group Californians For Population Stabilization (CAPS) is trying to appeal to California environmentalists with an ad hooked to Earth Day. CAPS, which has ties to the  anti-immigrant network founded by white natio...

» Reuters: 'Americans increasingly prefer Democrats on health care'
16/04/14 11:14 from Daily Kos
The latest Reuters/Ipsos survey shows the results of several weeks of nothing but good news about Obamacare. Nearly one-third of respondents in the online survey released on Tuesday said they prefer Democrats' plan, policy or approach to...

» Anti-Gay Extremist Linda Harvey Says She Is Tired Of Talking About Gay Rights Issues
16/04/14 11:00 from Right Wing Watch
Linda Harvey, who dedicates nearly every single one of her radio bulletins to attacking gay people and gay rights , now says that she is sick and tired of hearing about gay rights. Last Friday, Harvey marked the Day of Silence by chargin...

» Sheriff Richard Mack Compares Armed Nevada Ranch Protesters To Rosa Parks
16/04/14 10:44 from Right Wing Watch
Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack – Arizona’s second most notorious birther sheriff –of course traveled to Nevada this week to join rancher Cliven Bundy’s armed standoff with the Bureau of Land Management . In an...

16/04/14 10:34 from No More Mister Nice Blog

» Chris Christie's plausible deniability claim takes a hit
16/04/14 10:30 from Daily Kos
The big story coming out of Monday's document dump of the notes from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's internal whitewash investigation of his lane closure scandal was that aides in his office were instructed to ignore requests of mayors ...

» Must Be Nice
16/04/14 10:27 from Eschaton
I have no idea what the normal range of human self-doubt is, or where my personal level falls in that range, but envy the man whose beautiful mind thinks like this. The billions probably help a bit.

» Fischer: The Poor 'Ought To Be Kissing The Ground' Upon Which The Rich Walk
16/04/14 10:23 from Right Wing Watch
On yesterday's radio broadcast , Bryan Fischer read from a recent Wall Street Journal article reporting that the top 1% of Americans account for nearly 30% of all federal tax revenue. To Fischer, that means that the poor and middle c...

» CEO Pay Soars As Worker Pay Stagnates
16/04/14 09:57 from Seeing the Forest
The AFL-CIO has released this year’s 2014 Executive PayWatch at www.PayWatch.org, a “comprehensive searchable online database tracking the excessive pay of CEOs of the nation’s largest companies.” Continue reading →

» Cartoon: The even hand of the law
16/04/14 09:50 from Daily Kos
click to enlarge

» Women And Children First
16/04/14 09:06 from Eschaton
Usually not what that means.

» Daily Kos Radio is LIVE AGAIN at 9am ET!
16/04/14 08:30 from Daily Kos
Daily Kos Radio's Kagro in the Morning show podcasts are now available through iTunes. It's still Spring Break, but only for the kids. We're back on the air for a live show today, and as luck would have it, it's Wednesday, which also mak...

» Cheers and Jeers: Wednesday
16/04/14 08:19 from Daily Kos
From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE… I Haiku So You Don’t Have To Spring is in the air Leopard thong fits perfectly Down go neighbors' blinds Turn your head and cough Millions getting first checkups Thanks, Sebelius Maine guv make statement: "...

» Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Democratic PAC slams Tillis over staffer affairs with lobbyists
16/04/14 08:00 from Daily Kos
Want the scoop on hot races around the country? Get the digest emailed to you each weekday morning. Sign up here . Leading Off : • NC-Sen : Look out! The Senate Majority PAC is spending almost one meelyon dollars to air a new ad lacerati...

» Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: What's going on with ACA and the census
16/04/14 07:20 from Daily Kos
Via Sarah Kliff Sarah Kliff : A four-year slowdown in health spending growth could be coming to an end. Americans used more medical care in 2013 as the economy recovered, new reports show. Federal data suggests that health care spending ...

» Morning Thread
16/04/14 06:42 from Eschaton

» Open thread for night owls: Prisons for profit buy politicians to guarantee their cells stay full
15/04/14 23:30 from Daily Kos
At Alternet, Aaron Cantú writes Inside the Private Prison Industry's Alarming Spread Across America : On a recent Friday afternoon, with budget negotiations winding down, Arizona state representative John Kavanagh was racing against the ...

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